System overview

In complex warfare scenarios, such as hostage-barricade situations, low-intensity conflict, and urban terrain warfare, it is crucial that a mission ends without unnecessary casualties.
The SNIPETECH, Sniper Coordination system, is a combat-proven solution designed to enhance the operational capabilities of sniper units, integrating them into today's digital battlefield. Designed bottom-up in conjunction with several elite SWAT units, Snipetech has been optimized for Homeland Security, low intensity conflicts and hostage situations. It has been already successfully deployed in real world applicationSnipetech Systems by security agencies.

By using the most advanced technology for communication between commanders and snipers in the field, SNIPETECH helps the team make the correct operational decisions. 

SNIPETECH offers advanced technology with video and data communication in real time to ensure proper target engagement. 
The SNIPETECH solution provides:

  • Zero-time deployment
  • Automatic self-routing
  • No single point of failure
  • Anti jamming protocols
  • Infrastructure-free mesh technology

MK II is a lightweight configuration allowing fast and dynamic deployment of the sniper team.

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