Snipetech provides the most advanced technology to ensure your target is met with precision, all while communicating in real-time.  

The following are the main features of Snipetech’s technology:

Multi Channel coordination system
The system can operate with up to 10 snipers simultaneously working together, enabling the commander control of a wide deployment zone. The commander receives stream video or other data from up to 10 sharpshooters on a split screen, and he can zoom into each sniper channel for specific detail per each sniper’s location.

"Lock – Unlock" INDICATION
 The commander receives a "Lock or unlock" indication on the target in fragments of a second from each sniper as he activates a "Smart button" switch, enabling "Clear to Shoot" order, in real time.

Mesh Technology - Zero Time deployment
Using latest MESH technology, Snipetech provides automatic self-routing, no single point of failure, uninterrupted real time, simultaneous voice, data and video communications, all in zero time deployment.

Flexible communication application
The system enables the exchange of data between a commander at his location with snipers in the field. This data includes: pictures, ore-set coding symbols, written messages, data overlay on pictures and other such information. Before transmitting information, the commander can select which sniper to communicate with by a ID number given to each sniper.

The Commander can send and receive SMS-type messages with his sniper team to avoid any noise that would come from voice transmission.

Situational Awareness
A built-in GPS in each one of the system units provides the commander with a clear orientation of the deployment area, as if he is in the field himself.

Intelligence Gathering
Each sniper becomes a "real-time information transmitter" during deployment, to enable better situational analysis, target coverage and better control over each specific mission.

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