What does a sniper coordination system do ?

A sniper coordination system allows the sniper commander and a remote command center to receive visual and data information from a sniper team in the field. The information greatly enhances the ability of commanders to make decisions as a situation develops, and to synchronize the sniper teams in an effective manner, without interrupting the sniper team's activities.

Why is SNIPETECH vital to the role of the sniper ?

SNIPETECH maximizes the chance of successful target engagement by letting the commander determine which sniper in the team has the best position to engage at the right moment. SNIPETECH also permits multiple, simultaneous target engagement and the gathering of vital intelligence during the target assessment phase.

What is special about SNIPETECH ?

SNIPETECH is the first sniper coordination system that uses mobile mesh networking data transmission technology. This technology maintains contact between network nodes even when one node is blocked. Sniper teams can now communicate while on the move and in an environment that tends to interfere with communications.

How does SNIPETECH compare to other systems ?

SNIPETECH is small, light, and mobile - qualities which are essential in low intensity conflicts. SNIPETECH has the ability to change position without interruption and without the time and logistical challenges required by conventional systems, which are heavy and require reinstallation after a move. 

Are Maxtech products being used in the real world ?

Yes. Maxtech products are operational with special units of the Israeli Defense Forces and other elite teams across the globe. Military, law enforcement, and other organizations that require precisely coordinated sniper teams use Maxtech products today.

How many sniper teams can use SNIPETECH at once ?

Up to 10 sniper teams can be on the network while being monitored by the commander's unit.

How can the commander control multiple teams ?

Data from each sniper team is displayed on the commander’s screen. The commander can easily see data from each member in real time, and can focus on individual snipers to view more details about each one’s point of view.  

What is the minimum operating time of SNIPETECH ? 

The system's communication unit ("CMU") is powered by batteries that operate for six hours.

What type of cameras is used by SNIPETECH ?

The cameras supplied with each SNIPETECH kit use CCD technology for day/night capability and 36 X magnification. The range for human target identification is 200-300 meters.
An optional night vision CMOS camera is available for increased range of 400-600 meters. SNIPETECH is compatible with other types of cameras having a video output port (requires simple adaptation).

What components does the SNIPETECH system use ?

A sniper team uses four components – a communication unit, miniature PC, hand held display, and camera.

What additional features are available with the system ?

Standard accessories include an operation manual and range extender. A CMOS night vision camera and long range antenna are also available, as are ballistic software and GPS capability.

What kind of radio frequency is used by SNIPETECH ?

The system operates over the range of 2400 to 2484 MHz band through 40 non-overlapped channels that use a slow hopping protocol.

Is the SNIPETECH radio communication system encrypted ?

SNIPETECH uses a special proprietary algorithm which is very useful against deciphering. The system has an open architecture allowing other encryption methods to be used.

What is the video rate ?

The video rate range is between 12-14 FPS for better motion capture. The zoom function can be controlled by the commander.

Can SNIPETECH communicate silently ?
Yes. Snipers and Commanders can use SMS for noise-free communication. In addition, "Lock/Unlock" indication from each sniper can be sent to the commander using a hand switch instead of by voice.

What is the average working range ?

When in line of sight, the system functions for at least 1 km between any two of the SNIPETECH kits and up to 2 km with one hop.  In urban terrain with limited line of sight, operation range is between 300 and 500 meters and up to 600 and 1,000 meters with one hop.

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