Maxtech has developed a wireless mesh network technology solution providing mobile and dynamic connectivity coverage without the need for infrastructure support. This new mesh technology solves the ever-growing demand for self-forming and self-routing command, control, communications, computers, and intelligence ("C4I") systems.

Maxtech Technologies Ltd has over 15 years of proven experience providing C4I solutions for a wide-range of clients, including the Israeli Ministry of Defense, Israeli Defense Forces, and Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd. The line of products offered by Maxtech is being used by SWAT units in Israel and worldwide.


Advanced mobile wireless mesh network technology enables an ad hoc self organized network that dynamically changes and has no single point of failure. Maxtech Technologies Ltd. has leveraged mobile mesh technology to develop SNIPETECH, a unique system that allows a commander to be in real time video,  and data communication with a sniper unit in the field. The system integrates the world's first handheld professional radio system with unprecedented mobility and stable coverage by creating a self-healing, fully mobile network.
SNIPETECH was developed to benefit commanders of SWAT units and elite forces with unprecedented situational awareness for split second coordination of sniper teams. SNIPETECH lets a commander watch critical events in the fieldand make command decisions for the successful conclusion of sensitive missions.
Maxtech Technologies Ltd. provides unique products and solutions in response to the growing demand of operational requirements needed by military and paramilitary forces.
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